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Atal Akshaya Urja Bhavan | India

Atal Akshaya Urja Bhavan

This government building brings the energy – literally – when it comes to sustainable design! 🇮🇳

Led by Edifice Consultants, the Atal Akshaya Urja Bhawan in New Delhi embodies the ethos of the Indian Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, boasting the distinction of being India’s first net-positive energy building. This remarkable project, certified by the Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment (GRIHA), not only serves as a beacon of progress in the heart of the nation’s capital but also sets a new standard for sustainable government office buildings.

From its inception, the Atal Akshaya Urja Bhawan aimed to become an iconic symbol of energy efficiency and renewable integration, surpassing conventional boundaries to achieve a net energy positive status. Such a bold vision meant redefining resource efficiency in design, construction and operation. A significant step in this direction was the establishment of an Urja pavilion at the entrance, creating a vibrant public space that activates the building’s edge and fosters a sense of community.

The journey of the design team began with their triumph in the competition to design the Ministry’s headquarters. With a focus on net-zero energy right from the start, they embarked on a mission to minimise the building’s energy demand through strategic passive design strategies. By leveraging proper orientation, intelligent massing, shading techniques and energy-efficient building systems, they ingeniously reduced the building’s energy consumption. However, their commitment to sustainability didn’t stop there.

In a nod to the importance of connecting occupants with nature, the design incorporated vegetated screens that not only bathed the interiors in diffused daylight but also enhanced air quality. The approach adopted by the Ministry’s new headquarters emphasised the fundamental principle of net-zero energy: prioritise energy reduction before relying on renewable energy sources ⚡

Hats off to the amazing people behind this spectacular milestone in India’s built sector! Now these are true #buildingheroes:

Edifice Consultants Pvt. Ltd.GRIHA CouncilSAM (INDIA) BUILTWELL PVT LTDRupesh Chawrekar ​​/ Naveen Thomas / Ritesh Mittal / Sabarno DePrasad Mayekar / Ravi Sarangan / Vintech Consultants

📸: Purnesh Dev Nikhanj

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