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Want to go net zero but don't know how to get your stakeholders involved? We can help with that.

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hello energy helps you to start a conversation

Start a conversation between tenant and landlord. Involve building users in the journey towards an energy positive building.

And provides new insights

Did you know that up to 70% of a building’s energy consumption comes from tenant related activities? In the hello community, users will learn more about sustainability and their building.

Share your sustainability ambitions with your building community

Share your own sustainability ambitions

Don’t make sustainability your best kept secret! Share your ambitions and measures with your community. Did you know that most employees are more loyal to a company that enables them to be part of sustainable solutions. Time to start involving your community!

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Energy positive buildings can only be created with the active involvement of all stakeholders. Property owners, managers, tenants and building users all have a role to play. Are you joining?

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