Breaking the circle of blame

There’s a long way to go before the real estate sector becomes Paris-proof. Tenants, owners, investors, developers and consultants often have real difficulties in finding common ground. Read more about how ‘the circle of blame’ is holding back the real estate sector and which alternatives are being developed.

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About this whitepaper

4 possible solutions to break the circle of blame

A circle of blame describes the way parties involved in real estate development become gridlocked. No one wants to take the initiative to truly increase sustainability if they have to pay the price while others reap the rewards. Everyone is waiting to see how other parties act.

Thankfully, we are seeing new ideas from experts break the vicious circle from various angles. There are four possible solutions:

  1. Return-on investment: new visions on making money
  2. Innovation as a driving force
  3. Government as a stimulator and discourager
  4. Changing behaviour among all stakeholders