3 reasons alignment & engagement are the key to Paris-proof buildings

The pressure is on to go Paris-proof by 2050. But how are real estate companies ensuring they will get there in time? We’ve identified three important aspects to meet your sustainability goals and to turn your stakeholders into sustainability ambassadors for impact.

In our latest white paper ‘the Art of Alignment‘ we explain why so many real estate companies are committed to sustainability but are struggling to meet the criteria to get their buildings out of the red zone.

Most hurdles occur during the implementation of sustainability plans. Firstly, this problem is partly caused by the split-incentive problem: there are different (financial) interests at play within the stakeholder groups when it comes to commitment to sustainable goals. But secondly and more importantly, alignment is one of the most influential aspects determining success in making a tangible impact.

hello energy believes that if you look at how well you and your stakeholders are aligned, you’ll start to remove the first bottlenecks and head towards an energy-positive roadmap:

1. Alignment improves efficiency by 20%
Research shows that alignment on a strategic level with your stakeholders can increase your efficiency by 20%. To support this theory, we’ve conducted a small survey among real estate decision-makers that shows just how many different factors are at play in aligning others:

2. Engagement adds a layer of purpose and drives project performance
It is said that people who are engaged in their work perform at a higher level. That’s why engagement, being emotionally involved or committed to a goal, is a crucial ingredient to sustainability. The absence or lack of effective stakeholder engagement during a project life cycle, especially at the earlier stages of planning and implementation, often negatively impacts the expected performance of projects. If you want to make people commit to sustainability goals in your building, they need to feel engaged to want to become involved.

3. Alignment + engagement= perfect recipe for success in sustainability

Combining alignment and engagement is the perfect recipe to achieve success in sustainability and to drive strategic growth. Alignment appeals to the mind: it’s where the pieces of the strategic puzzle fit together (such as vision, roles and processes), whereas engagement is an appeal to the heart. If you know what you’re working towards AND you feel passionate about it, that’s where the real magic happens. As an independent expert on stakeholder management puts it:

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t change it. If you don’t value it, you
won’t change it.” 

Do you want to find out the next 8 steps to align & engage your stakeholders in becoming sustainability ambassadors? And how to remove all the obstacles that are preventing you from becoming Paris-proof?

Download our latest white paper on the Art of Alignment here.

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