8 barriers to sustainability in real estate and how to remove them

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What are the enablers and the barriers to the successful implementation of sustainability projects? We’ve identified 8 key challenges to overcome if you want to get your buildings to net-zero by 2050.

“If you don’t measure it, you can’t change it. If you don’t value it, you won’t change it.”

That’s one of the findings in our latest white paper, explaining how you can engage and align your stakeholders and work on a joint sustainability roadmap.

However, there are some barriers preventing you to do just that, some of which are harder to influence than orders. These are likely the key reasons you are struggling to make headway towards creating more sustainable buildings:

1. Lack of goals
2. Conflicts of interest
3. Unavailable resources or skills
4. Too many different stakeholders
5. Late state of engagement
6. Fatigue and cynicism
7. Outcome is hard to govern
8. Dialogue or engagement is missing

Want to know how to remove these barriers and design better initiatives to get everyone on the same page?
Download our white paper to get some of the best tips to get back on track.

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