Attractive visualisation of sustainability performance

In cooperation with hello energy Triodos Bank has implemented an integrated tool that provides real time insight into the energy and sustainability performance of its new office in Driebergen-Rijsenburg (NL). Thanks to hello energy, Triodos can now share the story of its facilities in an accessible way, simultaneously involving employees and visitors in the bank’s sustainability ambitions.

The new Triodos Bank building is energy-neutral. Underground thermal storage with a heat pump and solar panels on top of the parking garage supply the entire power demand. The bidirectional loading system allows the generated solar energy to be used in two directions: enabling stations to charge electric cars while also supplying excess power back to the office building or grid. The green roofs capture rainwater – which can be used to flush toilets, among others – and also have a cooling effect in summer. In addition, they improve the living environment for insects.

Many of these measures are invisible to the building’s users. On behalf of Triodos Bank, hello energy is helping visualise the sustainable measures on large screens in the entrance and restaurant. This will generate greater awareness among employees and visitors, stimulating them to discuss the issue. In addition, hello energy helps monitor all the energy streams in the building in an understandable way to ensure users know exactly how much green power is being generated.

Ellen Wiewel, programme manager for new offices at Triodos Bank, sees that colleagues and visitors are eager to learn more about the new sustainable office. “The narrowcasting screens visualise information about the sustainability measures in an attractive way, strengthening the story that Triodos Bank represents.”

Benno Schwarz, co-founder of hello energy, is pleased with the start-up’s contribution to sustainability awareness at the bank. “The partnership with Triodos illustrates the role our young company plays in providing insight into energy consumption in an accessible way. This is a unique building with a special story and we are honoured to further underline this narrative at the entrances.”

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