Avignon Capital to green portfolio

Avignon Capital has invested in hello energy as its energy monitoring software. Using this, they aim to get insight into their buildings’ energy consumption, in order to make the real estate more energy-efficient.
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Avignon Capital says hello to energy

hello energy is an energy monitoring system that visualizes energy data and sustainability in a nice and understandable way, in order to communicate transparently to all staakeholders. In doing so, users of large buildings are motivated to act more sustainably. hello energy helps involve tenants in making their building more sustainable. Because we need to work together to achieve the energy transition.
Avignon Capital has asked hello energy to:
  • Provide insight into the usage data of the electricity and natural gas meters. If these meters are not yet digitally connected, they will be made into ‘smart’ meters by hello energy. Collected data will be shown in the online hello energy portal.
  • Visualize energy data and sustainability information on a screen. We will discuss per building if yours is suited to have a screen.

What does the above mean for me as a tenant in a building of Avignon Capital?

We need your permission to make a data connection. And we’ll have you send us a few energy-related documents to gain insight into your connection. If we’re going to install a screen in your building, we have a few additional technical questions.
After the realisation of the data connection, you’ll get access to our online hello energy portal. For the screen, a content management system is available.

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