Talk hello energy to me

hello energy consists of all kinds of individuals that deserve to be heard and seen.

But when we communicate as hello energy, it’s important that we do so in a clear, unified voice. What does that voice sound like? What does it say?

The basics

Positieve & informele taal.


Uitnodigend, niet belerend.


Korte. Zinnen.

Max. 15 woorden


Gebruik “je” en geen “u”.


Actieve zinnen.

“We monitoren.” i.p.v. “Er wordt gemonitord.”


Zinnen beginnen met een hoofdletter.

Losse woorden ook.


Hou ‘t leuk!



Our basic communication structure


Start by getting attention.

(Scream loudly, do a crazy dance, share an amazing fact, make a fun joke)



Share your main message.

(Respect your audience’s time and just give it to them straight.)



Conclude your message.

(Look to the future, end on a positive note, or put in a call to action.)



Whisper extra details.

(Seductively, while turning off the light because “it wastes energy”.)

The copy manifesto and some rules


Be concise


Write as you’d speak


“We’re building a website for you’


Upbeat, can-do


Articulate the issues,


then present solutions


Human, with light humor,


emojis for self-published content


Practical, solid, use examples


‘hello energy is flexible’


‘The people behind hello energy


Be understandable




long-winding, conjoined sentences


like you’re writing a book


‘your site is built by us’


negative, snarky


focus on issues


too serious, authorative, or too loose.


vague promises


‘we’re flexible at hello energy’


‘hello energy is an organization’


use jargon

Capital Usage English


When to use capital letters:

  • Geographical terms like “Sweden”, “Colombian”, etc. + religions
  • For the first person pronoun “I”
  • Firsts letter of a sentence
  • Names and titles
  • Days, months, holidays
  • Some abbreviations like “GMT” or “NATO”
  • trade-marks and names of companies and other organizations
  • places and monuments
  • names of vehicles like ships, trains and spacecraft
  • titles of books, poems, songs, plays, films etc
  • in titles of essays, books, posts, etc.
    capitalise only the important words, not minor words such as ‘and’ and ‘but’
    When to Use Capital Letters
    How to Write a Book
  • For contractions like WiFi or SciFi


When not to use capital letters:

  • “hello energy” is always completely lowercase, also at the start of a sentence


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