Value for life and a climate-neutral portfolio

for Bouwinvest

Bouwinvest Real Estate Investors invests in assets on behalf of institutional investors, mainly pension funds. Bouwinvest has committed to a future-oriented portfolio and ‘real value for life’, meaning that they want to create both social and financial return on their investments. Together with partners such as hello energy, they are determined to build the city of the future and influence its design. As a world sector leader in BREEAM and with many 5-star GRESB funds, they are well on their way to making a significant impact in the real estate sector.


– Residential fund: over 18,227 homes with a property value of 6.4 million

– Office Fund: 30 Dutch office assets (€ 562 million, 285,366 m2)

– hello energy partnership: 34 buildings

The challenge

The focus of Bouwinvest is on create liveable and affordable metropolitan areas (residential, healthcare and offices) and developing climate-neutral portfolios (by 2045). The Bouwinvest Dutch office fund contains assets that have multi-tenant, mixed-use and flexible working space profiles that offer protection against future changes in working practices or economic developments.

Bouwinvest wants to develop solutions that contribute to the well-being of all its stakeholders in the long term. They aim to make a difference by being a socially responsible organisation. By working with hello energy, they can take an active role in creating awareness of their social impact. hello energy helps to:


  • Visualise the measures taken in the building to its visitors and tenants.
  • Monitor, compare, and benchmark energy performance.
  • Create a dialogue with stakeholders by communicating with actionable insights.
  • Benchmark the energy performance of the building and portfolio.
  • Create more sustainable buildings by meeting certification demands.

To ensure our long-term success, we must invest in what society needs. This is how we create a stable return for our shareholders.

Dick van Hal
Chief Executive Officer


The solution

With hello energy, Bouwinvest has the tools to create an instant dialogue with their stakeholders based on real-time data of their (office) buildings.

On top of that, hello energy conducted a partner study among building visitors to measure the impact of our real estate engagement tool. it turns out that:



  • 79% of the building occupants stated they are willing to participate in the sustainability initiatives of the building.
  • 45% of the building occupants stated they felt activated to be more sustainable in the building.
  • 45% of the building occupants had the impression that they were in an energy-efficient building.

On the right, you see the design for the future ‘Central Park’ in Utrecht, a new 1.300 m2 and 45-meter high office building featuring a large rooftop park.

Our challenge lies not so much in making new sustainable buildings, the biggest challenge is in making existing (office) real estate more future-proof. hello energy helps us to get tenants and other stakeholders on board by committing to greener practices and gathering the information we need visualised in one insightful dashboard. Hundreds of people are seeing the results of our sustainable investments every day.


Bas Jochims
Director Dutch Office & Hotel Investments

The results

Bouwinvest believes that engagement with their tenant is crucial to Paris-proof their buildings. Tenants are demanding more insights on their own energy consumption, but are also more willing to commit to sustainability goals if they know how they can contribute. hello energy combines smart software that makes these insights more visual, understandable and creates a joint awareness among stakeholders with an interactive tool. In short, hello energy:



  • Enables alignment and engagement between all stakeholders
  • Stimulates tenants to contribute to reducing their own consumption
  • Combines insights with interaction between building owners and tenants
  • Provides attractive visual content on different devices

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