A pledge to sustainability powered by complex, enriched data

for M&G Real Estate

M&G Real Estate is one of the world’s top 30 property investors. Over the past years, M&G Real Estate has worked on responsible real estate investments and ESG policies in a lot of ways. In 2019, M&G real estate joined the Better Building Partnership – a collaboration of the UK’s leading commercial property owners who are working together to improve the sustainability of existing commercial building stock. As of 2020, they are gearing up for new initiatives where transparency, accountability and metrics are at their core. Together with start-up hello energy they are taking sustainability to the next level.


Full portfolio: £33.1 billion of funds and over £2.06 billion in assets.
hello energy partnership: over 30 buildings

The challenge

Using hello energy, M&G is planning to measure electricity, gas, heat and water throughout its European portfolio. These metrics (the good, the bad and the ugly) are the start of a journey to reduce carbon emissions but also used to activate the tenants of each building. The collaboration has rolled out in The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Belgium, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Spain. Getting such a large-scale data project off the ground is not without its challenges. Just getting the necessary data connections can be a complex task because various companies own different parts of the data. Luckily, hello energy specialises in getting this done – with both more data-conservative and more willing parties – and translating it into content that makes sense. The challenges that we’ve tackled in the process were:


  • Measuring electricity, gas, heat and water
  • Managing complex challenges to retrieve data from different stakeholders
  • Enabling to activate tenants of each building

A responsible approach to investing, aiming to deliver not only financial benefits but positive social value, is more pertinent than ever​.


Tony Brown
Head of of M&G Real Estate

The solution

Companies like M&G Real Estate are not satisfied with just following the pack. They’re ready to take the leap to tenant engagement, which is one of the most challenging topics of sustainability. Nowadays, tenants have high demands for the sustainability of their offices. hello energy’s solution enables you to create a dialogue with your tenants with engaging and motivating content that can be distributed via multiple devices. Screens and tablets in the lobby of buildings invite occupants and visitors alike to be a part of a conversation that ultimately leads to positive change for all involved. By using smart data and nudging users, hello energy is helping real estate owners to create a positive impact with their stakeholders, right from within the building.

M&G Real Estate has unveiled plans for its £100 million office development in the heart of Glasgow. The development will deliver 275,000 sq ft of Grade A office accommodation in a key city-centre location designed to BREEAM ‘Excellent’ with an A-rated Energy Performance Certificate.

We are thrilled to have such active and engaged occupants that are pushing us to be the best we can be. By using smart data and nudging users through content, hello energy is changing the conversation right in the building.


Nina Reid
Head of Responsible Property Investment (Global) at M&G Real Estate

The results

With hello energy’s solution, M&G has put the dialogue on sustainability front and centre. It also enables:


  • Access to international and real-time energy data via smart meters and other sensors
  • Dialogue on sustainable practices and outcomes
  • Engagement of stakeholders and attracting single tenants
  • Meeting the criteria for GRESB & BREEAM certifications

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