Customer experience in real estate

If you manage a building, you usually get visitors. And you want those visitors to leave feeling good. We think that’s important as well. That’s why hello energy considers customer experience to be crucial – it’s one of our five benefits.

Customer experience is important

We want customers to enter a building and think: this building is awesome, it’s actively working on sustainability! Making such a great first impression is great, but customer experience is about returning visitors, too. And those visitors might be coming back daily. To live there, or to work. Customer experience is also closely connected to great branding. When visitors, tenants, or employees feel good in a building, it influences the company’s image. And it leads to extra value: a building that people like to visit, that’s healthier, uses less energy and is more sustainable, also generates more income.

How can you improve the customer experience?

Using hello energy, you can influence the customer experience in various degrees, depending on your building. Every building has space for the most modest way: a screen. It shows a playlist that tells your visitor about the building. Who is the architect? Why was it built? And of course: what sustainable measures were taken? Does its roof have solar panels, or has the building been insulated extremely well? But the screen can also contribute to a pleasant visit in other ways. It shows information on public transport, for example, so visitors know where and when the next bus leaves. All of this information is presented in a beautiful and fun way.

Besides a screen, there are various other appearances for hello energy. A little more complex is the dashboard. It shows multiple information streams simultaneously. Besides public transport information and our main information on sustainability and energy, we can show the building’s managers contact information, or memos on maintenance work.

To involve visitors, even more, we provide options that do not only send information, but also make interaction possible. Using a touch screen for instance. The people who touch the screen can get information in a variety of ways. One of the big advantages of a touch screen is the insight it provides into people’s interaction: how often do they interact, for how long, and which information is the most popular.

You can also go down in size (and cost). Using a tablet, you get the same effect on a smaller scale: you involve the visitor in the communication, and thanks to Analytics, find out what people want to know, and how often.

And, of course, you can also go up in size. The most impressive form of customer experience is Inspire, our video wall. Four, six, or even eight screens make up an enormous, attractive wall of information. A system you can use not only to inform but to truly impress. You could use some of the screens as touch screens, making sure interaction is possible here as well.

Friendly buildings

A building that welcomes visitors by informing them, telling a story and helping them on their way, is friendly. Especially if it’s also a sustainable building, that looks out for the tenants’, employees’ and visitors’ health, and our planet’s health. Using hello energy, there’s a system for every building.

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