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hello energy is the leading solution for real estate owners to create energy-positive buildings. It allows you to visually communicate your building’s achievements in energy reduction and sustainability and engage and align your stakeholders.

What's in it for you?

1. Collect

hello energy starts by collecting sustainability from data sources worldwide, such as your building’s energy utilities and smart sensors. We validate and enrich your data and connect it to our solution. We can use the sources you already have or connect new sources in your building with our service packages.

What sources can we collect data from?

2. Connect

With your data centralized in our solution, hello energy makes your sustainable achievements and performance visible, engaging, insightful, and fun. Our solution unlocks a stream of information for you to share, such as the way your building is saving or generating energy, smart mobility information, or insights on health and wellbeing. We help you create attractive content such as short animations about energy. This content can be distributed to any type of device: your laptop, mobile or a narrowcasting screen in the lobby. Your tenants and visitors will be instantly delighted and triggered into action.

Which devices can we connect to?

3. Engage

hello energy encourages active engagement and daily dialogue with your stakeholders by showing real-time data on sustainability. Our solution unlocks features such as a benchmark comparing you to other similar building types and notifies you of the ways you can work towards your net-zero goals. Complying with certifications and legislation such as GRESB, BREEAM, and WELL will become a piece of cake. Improving the performance of your building and involving your stakeholders will create real investor value and positive environmental impact. Lead the real estate market by choosing the most intelligent solution.

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hello energy supports real impact makers with user-friendly solution, beautiful design, and the coolest content. Show your guests, employees, and tenants the exact extent of your energy and sustainability ambitions on high-end devices. Get our solution up and running within just a few weeks. Contact us with your wishes.

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Data journey

Data from all your energy meters, Internet of Things-sensors and building management systems will be collected through API’s, securely stored in our cloud, always downloadable, analyzed and available to all devices and screens.

Data collection




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hello energy loves to support structural energy improvement with her easy to use software, beautiful design and the coolest content. Get her up and running in days. Working with hello energy with your own brand identity in mind? Contact us to discuss your wishes. Private label is possible.


To improve your energy performance, hello energy offers insight in solutions from leading companies, that will help you to go the extra mile. We have API connection to many smart solutions as Qwiksense, OfficeApp, Siemens, Schneider Electric, Priva and more.

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