1. Benefits

Who does hello energy benefit?

hello energy benefits all your colleagues that are working on energy and sustainability. We mainly focus on:

  • Sustainability managers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Development managers
  • Asset managers
  • Property managers
  • Technical managers
  • Advisors
  • Facility managers
  • Financial managers
  • PR managers

hello energy also benefits tenants, visitors, stakeholders, and employees.

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How does hello energy engage tenants with my sustainability policy?

hello energy engages tenants by showing information on screens, in the online tool, and through the Q-mail. This way, your tenant’s engagement grows, and greening your building becomes a joint challenge.

2. Product

What is hello energy?

hello energy is the leading software for energy management and the visualization of energy and sustainability in real estate. You use hello energy as a management dashboard on your computer, laptop, or tablet. hello energy also communicates via screens in your building’s public spaces. They could be smart walls, tablets, or “just” TV screens.

hello energy visualizes your energy data and sustainability content, and activates everyone in your building to green their behavior.

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How do I order hello energy?

You order hello energy by calling (+31 88 436 7400) or e-mailing Benno. We’ll set up an appointment. Or send you a proposal directly. We’ll find the perfect solution for your building(s). Whether it’s a portfolio of offices, or your first hotel.

What can you use hello energy for?

You can use hello energy in many ways:

  • To engage tenants to your sustainability goals
  • To create a great customer experience in your building
  • To meet legislative demands
  • To score points towards green certificates
  • To save energy
  • To monitor your energy usage and generation
  • To visualize your sustainable ambitions for visitors

How does hello energy contribute to sustainability?

hello energy influences people to change their behavior. In your building, and for the rest of their life.

People influence sustainability immensely: if everybody makes small changes, we can change a lot. hello energy shows that everyone can live more sustainably. And shows that your behavior has an impact. This way, we trigger you to join up and go the extra mile.

Besides our public screens, our laptop portal also helps. It offers those responsible for a building insight in all kinds of possibilities to save energy.

Can I get a demo?

Yes! Plan a demo with us. Shoot us an e-mail.

What does hello energy visualize?

hello energy visualizes data and content that has to do with energy and sustainability. Like your electricity usage. Or your sustainability goals for the coming year. We have an extensive library of data and content visualizations for various devices. Take a look at some examples!

Where can I show hello energy?

Wherever you like! But, if you’d like some help: our devices look best in your building’s public space. In a spot that’s easy to reach, has a lot of traffic and some space available. Because of these pointers, most of our clients pick their lobby or entrance hall. Get inspired and sneak a peek in our lookbook.

What extra services do you offer?

Our extra services are: turn-key narrowcasting solutions, submetering, indoor climate sensors, API connections to building management systems, and (green) energy purchase. Contact us for more information.

How do I explain hello energy to my tenants?

There’s no need for you to explain hello energy. We made a special webpage just for that purpose.

Use this one if you bought a start package.

Use this one if you bought a show package.

What should I do about a lost login?

How inconvenient for you to lose your login credentials. Click the forgot password button, or send us an e-mail and we’ll help you out.

What do I need to do to use hello energy?

It’s very easy to use hello energy. We’re here to help, and we make sure you have a turn-key delivery.

The exact requirements depend on the products you purchased. After you put in your order, we’ll start you off by meeting one of our communicators, who will manage your order throughout the delivery process and afterward. Up until the delivery, you can track your order status. Check out this page for more info.

In which countries can I use hello energy?

In all countries worldwide. We’re on our way to global coverage. Right now, we’re in 11 countries, in 441 buildings! (And these numbers are probably outdated by now :-))

How does your benchmark work?

By benchmarking your building, you compare it to its sector. This way, you can find out how energy efficient your office or distribution center is for its sector.

3. Certificates

Does hello energy help me comply to WELL demands?

Yes. hello energy measures, interprets, and visualizes your building’s performance. In doing this, hello energy helps you score higher on WELL V1. You score points towards:

  • A01, part 5: Monitor fundamental air parameters
  • A05: Enhanced air quality
  • A08: Air quality monitoring & awareness
  • W05, part 1: Test & display water quality
  • T06: Thermal comfort monitoring

Does hello energy help me comply to GRESB demands?

Yes. hello energy helps you to green your real estate portfolio. You’ll improve your score in these sections of the GRESB assessment:

  • Stakeholder engagement: you activate your building’s tenants and visitors
  • Performance indicators: you’re measuring your building’s performance
  • Monitoring and energy management system: our system monitors and manages all of the energy data of your portfolio
  • Policy and communication: you’re communicating your sustainable policy in a structured way, using various devices

Read on about GRESB & hello energy

Does hello energy help me comply to BREEAM demands?

Yes, if you purchase hello energy show, interact, or inspire. You’ll score points towards MAN9, TRA7, WAT2, ENE2, ENE68, and HEA26.

  • MAN9: hello energy tells the sustainability story of the building, and offers insight into the energy usage
  • TRA7: it shows dynamic travel information
  • WAT2 & ENE2: hello energy is also an energy management tool

In the case of an in-use certificate, you’ll score based on:

  • ENE68: energy performance
  • HEA26: health policy

Read on about BREEAM and hello energy

Are there any more sustainable certificates hello energy can help me with?

Yes! What about EED or Green Key? We’re happy to help. Contact us.

4. Data

How does hello energy handle data?

hello energy collects data on energy and sustainability. We use the data to offer you an interesting product. We save your data for as long as you wish for us to offer us your services. Read our privacy statement here.

Which data connections are possible?

We’ve got API connections to main meters, submeters, building management systems, and all kinds of sensors. We connect to meters to get data on electricity, solar, wind, electric vehicle chargers, batteries, gas, heat, cold, and water. And we connect to sensors on indoor climate, particulate matter, VOCs, and occupancy.

We can make all kinds of (new) data connections, as long as they meet our system requirements. Interested in a new kind of data connection? Contact us.


How do you connect to my data?

We connect via gateways, API connections, and LoRa. We connect to main meters, submeters, sensors, and building management systems. We do that by directly contacting the company we’re connecting with, so it’s no extra hassle for you. Only with your permission, of course.

How does hello energy get data from my utility company?

Our clients explicitly allow us to access their data within our software. The data comes from main meters and comes to us via the utility company, from submeters via building management systems, gateways, GSM routers, or from sensors (Internet of Things) via various protocols.

What do I need to do to allow you to access my data?

You need to authorize us, so we can realize the data connection. We send you a special authorisation form for that, or we include it in the contract.

How can I access my data?

Via the hello energy management software. We’ve sent you logins. Can’t find them? Contact us.

What do I do if I don’t have any “smart” meters?

Don’t worry, we can help you there as well. Part of all hello energy packages is connecting your smart energy meter(s) to our database. But sometimes the meters are not smart. Getting this done is possible, but not part of the package. The costs of that are dependent on the type of meter.Contact us for more information.

Will I lose my data if I cancel my subscription?

Not necessarily. Of course, we’ll do everything to improve your experience. If you still want to cancel your subscription, your new data provider can contact us, and we’ll provide them with your historic data.

5. Devices

Does hello energy deliver devices as well?

Yes, we can deliver our packages with and without screens or tablets. Our software is the core of the packages. Screens and tablets are delivered already set-up and working. Check our packages.

How do I choose a good spot for my screen?

By discussing it with us, or by using our tips.

We’re happy to help you choose the ideal spot for your device. Just call or e-mail us.

Our top tips for a successful location:

  • A high-traffic spot in your building
  • In or near to a path
  • Enough space around the screen
  • Access to internet and electricity (hidden behind the screen)
  • With the right lighting (not underneath a bright light, for example)
  • In a spot where people naturally wait (like near an elevator)
  • At eye-level

What do I need to prepare for the screen’s installation?

We’ll need your data and content, and a suitable location. This location needs to have at least two power sockets and a stable internet connection. We’ll take care of the rest.

Can I change the screen’s content myself?

Yes. All our packages that include a screen come with a content management system that allows you to easily add and edit content. Is your content complicated, or have you got other wishes? We’re happy to help.

Can I use a TV screen I already have?

Yes, you can. In that case, we’ll only install a media player. Please make sure the screen has a high quality resolution so we can display everything perfectly. Contact us for a proposal that works for your situation.

Can I use my existing narrowcasting system?

Of course! hello energy works by displaying feeds. Other systems can display those as well. Contact us to test the combination of our feeds and your system. Just a heads up, there are usually costs involved for connecting hello energy to your system. We’ll let you know this in advance for your approval.

The screen is white.

You probably don’t have an internet connection. Contact the party who provided your internet.

The screen is black.

  • Is your screen on? If not: turn it on using the remote or the button on the side or bottom of the screen.
  • Did you select the right source? You can check this using the Source button, or Home button on your remote. The right source is usually either HDMI 1 or PC.
  • Still no visual? Check if all power plugs are connected to a socket and firmly press down on all cable connections.

The screen turns off at the wrong time.

The TV’s settings might be off. Check the settings by clicking Home or Menu on your remote and choosing Settings. No problem there? Contact us so we can check your media player’s settings remotely. No luck changing the settings? Your remote’s buttons might be blocked. Contact us to fix it.

The screen turns on/off and hour to late/early.

Check the time settings using your remote. They are probably still/not yet on daylight saving-time. Depending on the screen and media player, it might not change automatically.

My screen shows dated news and/or public transport departure times.

Is your playlist still running, but the slides showing news and public transport departure times are no longer up to date? You’ve probably lost your internet connection. Check the screen’s internet connection by clicking Home on your remote. In the following menu, choose Settings > Network settings. Set up your internet connection. When this works, go back to Home and click URL-launcher to refresh the playlist.

My screen says “no input” or “no signal”.

The TV might be set to the wrong source. Check the source using Source or Home on your remote. The right source is usually HDMI 1, but can also be PC.

My screen doesn’t show data.

There are possible causes for this. Please contact us, so we can investigate.

I want to add memos/my own content to the screen.

Depending on the product you purchased, adding your own content is included. If it is, you can use our content management system. Would you like to add videos or other specific media? Contact us.

My images are blurry.

Use photos with a resolution of at least 1920 x 1080 pixels for a full-screen image. A lower resolution will result in blurrier photos.

We had a power outage. What do I need to do to get the screen up and running again?


  • Turn both the TV and the media player off. The media player is the small, black appliance behind your screen.
  • Turn on the television first, followed by the media player. This will cause the media player to start booting up. No visual yet? Check the source of the screen. See also: My screen says “no input” or “no signal”.

My screen stopped working and I tried to fix it myself. But how do I show the playlist? I do have a working internet connection.

Click Home on your remote and click URL-launcher to refresh. This should show the playlist again.

6. Energy purchase

How does hello energy help me purchase renewable energy?

You can join our tender. We buy renewable energy (collectively). This way, we negotiate a great price for you without diminishing the sustainability of your energy. We can also help you outside of our tender.

Can I save money on my current energy contract?

Usually you can. 🙂 Send us your bill, and we’ll compare the tariff, network costs, and energy tax.

How sustainable is your renewable energy?

It’s very sustainable! Our renewable energy is “really” renewable. If you prefer, we can even supply you with local, renewable energy.

Who do I contact with questions about my energy bill?

Send us an e-mail, and don’t forget to attach the bill in question.

How does the energy market work anyway?

It differs per country, and sometimes even per region. We’ve hired experts per region that know all about the specifics. Read on about energy purchase.

7. Misc

How do you protect my data?

With care and according to local and international law. Your privacy is very important to us. This is why we follow privacy legislation. Your data is safe with us, and we will always use it correctly. Read our privacy statement.

Why do you need me to sign an authorization form?

We ask you to sign a form authorizing us to read your meters. In most cases, we need your explicit permission. We like to get that in writing. It’s mandatory by law.

How do I cancel my subscription?

It depends on your contract. In general, you can cancel your contract every month. In some cases, we made different agreements, with a more specific time frame. In that case, you’re stuck with us until this period ends 😉

Send us an e-mail to cancel or to inquire about your specific situation. Or check back in your contract.

We’re sad to see you go. Please let us know why, so we can improve our product and service.

What are your system requirements?

These are our system requirements.

Is hello energy independent?

Yes. hello energy is an independent company. We are not connected to utility companies or governments, and we don’t sell your data.

Can I become a hello energy reseller?

Probably. Contact us.

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