Getting it done.

This page provides all the information you need to make hello energy a success in your building (porfolio). The video gives a brief overview of how our onboarding works.
Any questions? No worries, we start each project with a kick-off and will walk through everything that is required.

step 1


Preparation starts

During the kick-off we’ll discuss what you’re looking to gain from hello energy plus how and when we can make that happen.

Tip: Send this link to people who’ll be helping you so they know exactly what’s in store. 

To do:

  • Define the goals of having hello energy in the building (e.g., engagement or certification).
  • Discuss deliverables and expectations.
  • Define stakeholders involved.
  • Determine the planning and deadline (e.g., building delivery or certification date).

step 2


Reading your energy data

We read your electricity and gas consumption as standard unless we’ve agreed to create additional data links. Collecting energy and gas data gives you a direct insight into the sustainability of your buildings. To do this we require a signed permission form and answers to a few questions.

Our privacy statement explains how we handle information.

To do:

  • Define per building: asset class, multi / single tenant, connections and deliverables.
  • Fill in the consent form per building.
  • Fill in the survey about data (below) per building. Pick the one for your country or choose ‘general’.
  • If applicable: define how to approach single tenant(s) to sign our consent form per building.
  • If we agreed on creating other data or API connections: provide us with the contact person so we can get in touch to discuss what’s needed.
  • If we agreed on mapping the meters: please fill in our mapping form.

After delivery

Using hello energy

Congratulations! Your hello energy is ready. Time to enter and explore the online hello energy environment and gain insights.

Help needed or questions? Click ‘Support’ at the right to find your answers.

To do:

  • Explore hello energy and check out our tips on making the most out of it.
  • Send us the names and e-mail addresses of the people who need access to hello energy.
  • Start gaining energy insights!

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