Getting it done.

On this page, you will find all the information you need to make your hello energy a success.

For hello energy start only step 1 and 2 are required, for hello energy show all steps are required.

step 1


The preparation starts

The kick-off starts the project. During this conversation, we discuss everything necessary to deliver hello energy. This includes the project planning, but also whom to contact about data inquiries, about content for the playlist, and about hello energy’s installation.


Tip: Send those involved this website to introduce us and see what needs to be done. It explains everything!

To do:

  • Discuss goal of hello energy (engagement, certification, etc).
  • Agree on planning and deadline.
  • Send introducing hello energy (below) to those who are involved on their tasks.

step 2


Reading your energy data

Before hello energy is delivered, we make sure your usage (electricity, gas eventually water) is available. If we agreed to make other data connections as well, we discuss the necessary steps with your contact.

To do:

  • Fill in the consent form (below) in case we did not receive this from you yet (single tenant buildings).
  • Fill in the survey about data (below) for your country or choose ‘data (general)’.
  • If you have other data or API connections: provide us with the contact person and data.
  • Send us the names and e-mail addresses of the people who will get access to hello energy.

step 3


Energy and sustainability on your screen

We make you a playlist that explains everything in a language that’s easy to understand. We use fun animations about energy and sustainability in your building. Show off the sustainable measures!


Did you purchase hello energy ‘start’? Then ‘Step 3 Visualization’ is not applicable.

To do:

  • Fill in which sustainable measures and content are applicable to your building (see below).
  • Make a list of the sustainable measures you already have in place, and the other content you want to show.
  • Supply original photos (1920 x 1080 px) and/or video’s.
  • If you’ve ordered hello energy in your corporate identity: send your brand guidelines, logo’s, fonts, and icons.

step 4


Hanging and connecting your screen

Take a wall, electricity, and internet, and you’ve got what you need to install a screen. Are your screens built in? We’ll discuss the specifics together.


Did you purchase hello energy ‘start’? Then ‘Step 4 Installation’ is not applicable to your situation.

To do:

  • Choose the position of the screen.
  • Provide electricity: two power outlets per screen, one outlet per tablet.
  • Provide internet: one fixed connection per screen, WiFi connection for tablet.
  • Send a photo of the wall with the placed power and internet sockets.
  • Provide access to the building during the installation.
  • Plan the installation.



Your hello energy is delivered. Time for you to discover hello energy online, and add content yourself. Are you lost, or do you have any questions? Don’t worry!
Click here to find our frequently asked questions.

To do:

  • Check out hello energy online
  • Choose a contact for management on location
  • Take the CMS training
  • Get going!

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