Improve your
GRESB score
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Would you like to improve your sustainability performance? Score higher on your GRESB assessment, but you don’t know how?

Using hello energy, your portfolio will score higher and you will achieve a broad basis for sustainability with visitors and stakeholders alike.

What is GRESB?

As the leading ESG benchmark for real estate assets, GRESB assesses the sustainability performance of real estate portfolios worldwide. hello energy helps you to improve your energy and sustainability management, providing data to support your GRESB submission.

What is hello energy?

hello energy is the leading tool in energy management with which you visualize energy and sustainability and activate your building’s users to be smart about it.

This way, everyone gets more involved with your green building.

hello energy improves your GRESB assessment

hello energy helps you improve your ESG and score up until 10,08 points (=~10%) higher on your GRESB assessment in the following ways:

  • Risk Assessment (RA3): occupier engagement (0,25)
  • Tenants & Community (TC1): Building/asset communication, Provide tenants with feedback on energy/water consumption and waste, Online platform, Tenant ESG guide (1)
  • Tenants & Community (TC6.1): Effective communication and process to address community concerns (0,333)
  • Energy (EN1): Data coverage, Like-for-Like performance improvement (2,5)
  • GHG (GH1): Data coverage, Like-for-Like performance improvement (2)
  • Water (WT1): Data coverage, Like-for-Like performance improvement (2)
  • Waste (WS1): Data coverage, Like-for-Like performance improvement (2)

These companies already visualise energy

and activate stakeholders with hello energy


Because GRESB scores your whole portfolio, we advise you to get an enterprise package and sign on your entire portfolio in one go. Reach out to us to discuss how we can tailor-make your hello energy.

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