Show your sustainability and save energy 

hello energy has been installed in your building. On this page you will find a short introduction to hello energy and what it means for you and your building.

What is it?

hello energy is an online tool that helps visualize energy & sustainability in your building in a simple way and activates users to be smart with energy.


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How does it help me?

Sustainability is a hot topic right now and everyone would like to make your building smarter. hello energy helps:


  • It provides insight into your actual energy data,

  • it benchmarks your building with others,

  • it keeps you up to date on relevant energy & sustainability news, and

  • it lets you understand what’s been done and how to use it in your own marketing advantage.


Some buildings have also been outfitted with a TV screen. This way, we can communicate energy & sustainability news to the visitors and tenants of the building. You may find yourself stuck to the screen as well.


The programming of the screen is adaptable. It can also show topics like public transport, building information and news. If you want to give feedback on what is shown or add an image or video of your own, please get in touch with the building manager or reception.


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