Our brand guidelines


To communicate the rules, components, and resources that help make hello energy

The basics

These guidelines are no grammar rules. They change as we change.
Because we learn. Because the world evolves. Because we fix past
mistakes. It’s a dialogue. hello energy is a young 
brand. Already,
our visuals have grown and evolved many times. We are happy
they did. But as we mature, we want 
some consistency. We are
setting our foundation for the future. 
Our brand identity is
important. It makes it easy to remember 
us. Our beautiful, funky,
unusual design impresses people! 🙂

We’re proud of what we’ve created together.


Consistency & focus

Every interaction with the brand hello energy has to be the same.
Same visuals, same copy, same experience… same feeling. That sounds
easier than it is. Unfortunately, we cannot upload our brand manager’s
knowledge to all team members.

So we did the next best thing: make a set of rules and restrictions.
Now, it’s like our brand manager is looking over our shoulder. And we
really want to impress him. So we keep it consistent! 😉



Cohesion & recognition

There are so many different instances in which people come across our
brand. They do not have to be exactly the same (until we develop a robot
to take over all work, that is), but they should sound as if we’re in the same
boat. And this solar-powered luxury yacht is nothing if not consistent.
Because consistency feels better. It makes a brand come across as professional
and reliable. Let’s keep the lifeboats on board: just implement the guidelines,
so we keep up the quality and integrity of our brand.

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