How to engage a team in the climate race

When you play team sports, you often start with one goal: to score. But to win as a team instead of individually, you need to be able to pass the ball. Elite sports teams all share the same characteristics: they put immense effort into creating team synergy and build on the strengths of each of their members. I believe that the same mindset is needed to win the biggest match of all: the one where Planet Earth wins. In this blog, I’ll share a few ways in which we want to engage stakeholders in reaching their net-zero carbon building goals.

Actionable insight

If you want to win, you have to first set goals and determine what success looks like. For sustainability goal progress to be measured, you need actionable insights into your energy data. At hello energy, we collect a lot of the building data to make observations about the behaviour of people in the building.

Celebrate small victories

The most important ingredient for success is motivation. And motivation comes from positive encouragement. That’s why we believe you need to show people they are making progress (and also how), and share success stories, even if the steps towards the end goals are small ones. Sometimes, it feels as though my personal actions hardly make a difference, but there’s a lot to be hopeful about. For instance:

You can find more positive news like this on the timeline in hello energy. Other weekly news and tips within our product features show the positive improvements stakeholders can make every week.

Build on each others’ strengths

To get a whole team involved, you need to engage all stakeholders in the ‘match’. Whether you are a goalie or striker, an investor or a tenant, engagement is an important aspect of a net-zero carbon strategy.

Benchmark your performance

Even though you might be on the right track when it concerns your sustainable goals, it’s important to keep evaluating your efforts and to benchmark them to other similar sustainable building cases. Your building doesn’t exist in a bubble, after all.

Decide on your game plan

What’s your next step? Do all your highest performers have a seat at the table? Do you know what the next steps are into engaging all of the stakeholders of the building into taking action and sharing the goal?

If you want to know more about your game plan, I’d like to help you determine your next moves in a personal demo of our software.

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