Mökki: bringing circularity to the heart of the office – Interview Tamara Brisk

Offices aren’t the first places that come to mind when you’re thinking of buying sustainable consumer brands or helping you to recycle or repurpose your used goods. Luckily, Mökki is here to change all that. They want to turn office spaces into more exciting, socially impactful places by opening circular relay (parcel pickup) points within office buildings. Tamara Brisk, CEO of Mökki, shares her ideas on this innovative approach of an office-retail hybrid space.

Office buildings make for a perfect meeting point to engage people in sustainable behaviour: they can stop by during office hours to pick up their parcels, go to a circular event, bring in their used appliances for repairs or recycle their waste in a responsible way – all with the help of a specialised Mökki team of sustainability experts. There’s an incredible appetite from consumers to buy and behave more sustainably. As Tamara Brisk, CEO and founder of Mökki puts it: “the digital circular initiatives are great, but they don’t always work so well into the physical world. Just think of ordering a second-hand item online, only to have to pick it up at a not-so-convenient time or a remote place.”

“We want to help consumers adapt to more sustainable behaviour by removing the obstacles to buy or sell second-hand and explore new sustainable options. We do that by bringing the circular economy to where they are and where they can inspire others: in office spaces.

Tamara Brisk
CEO Mökki

In the interview, Tamara talks about how Mökki can add value for tenants and building visitors.

Interested in reading about the measurable impact that Mökki has on the customer experience? Download our white paper on the ‘Art of Alignment to read the full interview.

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