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Energy legislation, what is that? In the Netherlands, big companies (with more than 250 employees, a turnover of 50 million or more, or high energy consumption) are obliged to monitor their energy: keep up to date on your energy usage, and how it compares in time. With a little help from hello energy, you can turn energy monitoring into energy management. If you’ve got insight into the peaks and valleys of your consumption, you can find measures to reduce your energy usage. Every 15 minutes, we provide an overview of your consumption. And of your production, if you’ve got a measure like solar panels in place.


In France, as of 2020, the Loi ELAN has started. In short: all buildings over 1.000m2 need to report their energy consumption and have an active energy savings plan.


That’s what the legislation boils down to: the government needs you to monitor your energy. But there are also certificates. A company that wants to be sustainable, and show it to the world, can choose to undergo a strict process and gain a sustainability certificate.


There are hundreds of sustainability certificates around the world. These are the three most important, both for new buildings and those that are already in use:


GRESB is all about communication. It’s great to apply sustainable measures, but you need to tell people. This is where two other benefits of hello energy show their heads: tenant engagement and customer experience. An important factor in getting a GRESB certificate is data coverage. Using hello energy, you get the tools you need to gather data on your usage in the most careful and automated way possible.


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While GRESB is about your whole portfolio, BREEAM is a certificate that works on the level of an individual building. The sustainability performance of individual buildings is scrutinized. These buildings are helped immensely by the informative screens of hello energy. These screens show tenants, visitors, and employees exactly which measures have been taken in the building to become more sustainable. We’re not surprised these screens are sometimes called “BREEAM screens”.


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The third most important certificate is WELL. This one is all about health. Of the people using the building, and the people around it. WELL focuses on emissions, sustainability, and comfort. How can a building improve the health of the people using it? And how can a building impact its surroundings as little as possible? Using hello energy, you gain insight in the consumption of your building, so you can take all these things into account.


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Rules & ambition

Whether it’s about mandatory energy monitoring or scoring higher on certificates: hello energy is ready. To give you the tools you need, to think with you, and to provide insight. Together, we’ll make sure your building meets all legislative demands and can grow along with your ambition.

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