New feature: the Sustainability Radar

Want to make your buildings more sustainable? But struggle to align your stakeholders? Our latest feature, the Sustainability Radar helps you find out where you stand and plan out your roadmap to create energy-positive buildings.

The Sustainability Radar is our latest feature within our software solution that helps real estate owners and their stakeholders get a better grip of where they stand by measuring and visualising their sustainability score.

It measures the steps you’ve already taken on these four key aspects: policy, communication, technical measures, and behaviour. And it tells you where you and your stakeholders are aligned, or misaligned. This helps you improve collaboration, create ambassadors for impact, and determine your next steps towards a sustainability roadmap.

How does it work?

1. Reach out to your stakeholders

If you’re an asset manager or sustainability manager, you can invite your building’s stakeholders, such as your property manager or your tenants, to take part in the Sustainability Radar.

2. Answer all the questions

All invited stakeholders fill in the Radar. This consists of a questionnaire covering four sustainability topics: policy, communication, technical measures, and behaviour. The points you’ll get for each given answer add up to a personal sustainability score.

3. Learn from the results
After completing the questions, each participant will get a personal sustainability score, which is visualised in a spiderweb, The spiderweb shows you how you score in all four categories. Here’s an example on the left. The scores for policy are a little behind on other categories. In this case, the advice is to focus on improving the scores for policy- for example by creating a roadmap to working towards your sustainability goals.
4. Take action

Read the tips and see how you can improve your sustainability scores. Talk with your fellow stakeholders about your sustainability score and find out in which areas you can work together. Plan your next move in your journey towards energy-positive buildings!

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