MIPIM Nomination!

13 June 2019

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Reference: City of Rotterdam

5 June 2019

This social work company of the municipality of Rotterdam is super sustainable. hello energy helps it share its energy consumption and solar panel efficiency while also displaying personalised sustainability tips, public transport data and eco-friendly information about the building. Managers can see the details online, while visitors can view them in the lobby. This makes it clear just how sustainable Robedrijf is in reality.

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Reference: Syntrus Achmea

29 April 2019

Walk into the Syntrus Achmea lobby and the first thing you see is a screen with a wide range of useful information, including the yield of the solar panels, bus departure times and even details of Friday’s social event. Together we have developed dashboard screens for buildings such as Willemspoort. The experience of residents and visitors to the building is instantly enhanced!

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Reference: Bouwinvest

29 May 2019

Since the start of our partnership, the annual energy consumption in Zuidpark has fallen by more than a quarter. And we don’t plan to stop there! By spelling out energy challenges, we will encourage tenants to be even more environmentally conscious about their energy use.

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Reference: Spaces

5 April 2019

Spaces aims to be smart about energy, and that requires having all relevant information to hand. hello energy helps by generating visualisations of the energy consumption at all Spaces locations in the Netherlands. One of the buildings that uses energy efficiently is the monumental Red Elephant in The Hague.

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