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White paper: the Art of Alignment

17 May 2021

Whether you’re a sustainability manager, asset manager, portfolio manager or a building’s tenant, it’s safe to say you are aware of the Paris Agreement and the global zero-em...

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white papers

Proptech ecosystems: symbiosis or confusing labyrinth?

17 February 2021

Proptech, using tech to improve real estate, is quickly accelerating as a means to empower and enable your operations and sustainability. Do you need to innovate in the proptech sp...

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Data coverage & stakeholder engagement - a perfect marriage

12 November 2020

To run a sustainable portfolio and get all the energy reduction benefits, you will need to combine good data coverage and quality stakeholder engagement. Not combining those is a w...

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How to break the circle of blame

28 September 2020

Read more about how the concept of the circle of blame is holding back the real estate sector and which alternatives are being developed. Leveraging on input from experts from the...

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