Optimise your portfolio strategy by transformational thinking

With a growing tenant demand for more flexible spaces and a legal push from governments for ESG reporting, it’s become increasingly challenging to decide what’s next. Should you consolidate, diversify or optimise?

You’ll need more drastic measures than you might have anticipated to start a true transformation.

According to McKinsey, reimagining offices and the way we work will require some transformational thinking. “Leading organisations will boldly question long-held assumptions about how work should be done and the role of the office.
They must use this moment to break from the inertia of the past by dispensing with suboptimal old habits and systems. A well-planned return to offices can use this moment to reinvent their role and create a better experience for talent, improve collaboration and productivity and reduce costs.”

In short, real estate companies should consider different strategies, be more flexible and optimise their game plan to become future-proof. Want to know strategies you can apply? You’ll find more examples in our whitepaper.

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