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Access to data

Data coverage is key these days for operational decision making, to score on certifications, and to comply with legislation. hello energy helps you collect energy, water, waste, and other sustainability data from your building. But it does more: it also helps you get single tenants on board, get them to sign on so you have data coverage, and collects crucial tenant sustainability data in real-time.


In order to score your highest possible score on your portfolio’s GRESB assessment, it’s important to have data coverage. How do you deal with international differences in data coverage? How do you fix the gaps? How do you get access to your tenants’ energy & sustainability data?


hello energy helps you get (up to) 100% data coverage worldwide. And, in turn, improve your score on certificates like GRESB (but also on BREEAM, WELL, Green Key, …)


Read about GRESB


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Increase operational excellence

How many different platforms are bookmarked in your browser right now? Too many. Not only is it annoying, there’s also no way you can compare. These various platforms for every data source make it impossible to have an overview. Not any more!


Using hello energy, all your data sources are gathered in one central hub. That means only one platform to visit. Your operational excellence will go through the roof!

Raise stakeholder engagement

Does improving stakeholder engagement for sustainability feel like wading through quicksand? It’s hard to get people on board. Especially when it feels like the environment doesn’t have its own problem owner. You usually end up in a vicious circle of blame, in which every party points the finger to another. There seems to be no clear incentive to invest in the carbon footprint of your building.


hello energy shows the status quo in an insightful way and helps collaborate. Before you know it, you’ll be making headway. With all parties involved.


Read our stakeholder engagement whitepaper

Environmental impact

There is so much to be gained by engaging the people inside your building to your green dreams. Imagine the impact you can make if everybody made these minute changes every day! hello energy helps you engage all stakeholders to act on sustainability.

A sustainable building saves you money, is worth more, and helps make the world a better place. What’s not to love?

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