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Syntrus Achmea

  • Project: Willemspoort, ’s Hertogenbosch
  • Category: Residential, 75 apartments
  • Certification: GRESB 
  • Package: hello energy + show 


Current partnership

Walk into the Syntrus Achmea lobby and the first thing you see is a screen with a wide range of useful information, including the yield of the solar panels, bus departure times and even details of Friday’s social event. Together we have developed dashboard screens for buildings such as Willemspoort. The experience of residents and visitors to the building is instantly enhanced!


“The hello energy screens are a great way to properly inform residents about energy, sustainability and general issues.”


Future partnership

We are working with Syntrus Achmea on a roadmap with all kinds of new features for residents, visitors and managers. This helps us ensure that the company retains a high profile among users, and encourages them to lead more pleasant and environmentally aware lives.



  • #customer experience 
  • #GRESB
  • #tenant engagement
  • #energy savings

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