Visualizing energy consumption in real-time

for Prologis industrial real estate

Prologis is a major provider of industrial real estate, owning and operating industrial warehouse and distribution facilities across northern Europe. Prologis also owns land for development. They have a long longstanding commitment to ESG, developing buildings to recognize sustainability standards, and building capital-intensive, future-focused projects. In 2020, they’ve launched a comprehensive digital transformation and innovation strategy. This blueprint led to their partnership with hello energy, offering them a new innovative and integrated tool to visualize and communicate energy consumption and sustainability impact within its logistics buildings.


  • Full portfolio: 4,000 buildings
  • Pilot deal: 10 buildings
  • Current: 100 buildings

The challenge

With Prologis’ long-standing commitment to sustainable business practices, they needed a solution that could:


  • Measure and detect energy consumption, including any inconsistencies.
  • Monitor, compare, and benchmark energy performance
  • Gather information for use in industry surveys and sustainable certification processes
  • Communicate building data to interested stakeholders

The solution

With hello energy, real estate owners such as Prologis can engage tenants and stakeholders to connect and create energy-positive buildings.

Firstly, we collected, validated, and enriched sustainability data in eight different Prologis buildings in the Netherlands. This data came from energy meters and building management systems with data sensors.

We then connected this data in one central environment: our SaaS solution dashboard, accessible for the Prologis property team. Our solution also uses narrowcasting screens in the building to distribute the content to users such as the building’s occupants and visitors.

With this connected data now being in one place, Prologis can now use hello energy to tell engaging stories, give insight on their sustainable impact, and challenge to trigger behavioral change.

The results

The highly visual and immediate nature of the information that hello energy shows, advances the dialogue about sustainable practices and outcomes.

It also enables:


  • Access to real-time energy data
  • Dialogue on sustainable practices and outcomes
  • Engagement of stakeholders
  • Tangible data on impact progress

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