Responsible property management toolkit for asset, property and facilities managers

This month, the Responsible Property Management Toolkit was launched. It’s a comprehensive practical guide to best practice in responsible property management for asset, property and facilities managers. The toolkit is a joint initiative of the Better Buildings Partnership & Managing Agents Partnership.

Upskilling to embed sustainability in real estate
The management of commercial real estate plays a critical role in delivering on owner and occupier sustainability aspirations. Translating the rhetoric of corporate commitments into action on commercial real estate portfolios, funds and individual buildings will require considerable upskilling to embed sustainability into the responsibilities of asset, property and facilities managers.

Collaboration to enable key stakeholders with best practices
The Responsible Property Management Tool kit is the result of extensive collaboration between the Better Buildings Partnership and the Managing Agents Partnership focused on enabling these key stakeholders to understand what best practice in responsible property management involves – and how to deliver it.

A wealth of resources from 15 of UK’s leading real estate companies
With the support of over 30 sustainability practitioners from 15 of the UK’s leading real estate companies, the Responsible Property Management Toolkit provides 60 Guidance Notes across 13 sustainability topics. The online resource includes ‘Check-lists’ and practical ‘How to…’ information, whilst also connecting readers to a wealth of industry resources spanning environmental, social and wellbeing issues. The toolkit describes the management processes at company, portfolio and property levels that contribute towards the inclusion of each topic as part of responsible property management.

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