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As you already know, hello energy was selected by Techleap as one of the eleven most promising Dutch tech scale-ups of the year. We have joined the RISE-program ‘flattening the climate curve’. But what does that mean? Read on to find out more.

Techleap aims to accelerate the tech ecosystem in the Netherlands. They bring together tech scale ups with high growth potential in their RISE batches. Being selected is a great acknowledgement for us by a trustworthy third party. It offers us lots of opportunities. To share insights with other members and experts and build a huge new network on the one hand. On the other hand, the acknowledgement itself helps draw new customers, and aids in our upcoming funding round.

The actual program started with a scan by ScaleUpNation, reviewing all aspects of our company. By matching the outcomes to their database, the scan confirms our growth potential, and identifies our strengths and opportunities.

After that, we joined five deep dive sessions about talent, internationalization, funding, product & IP and scalability. In each session we exchange experiences and questions on the subject, accompanied by experts. At the end of the session we go through a top 5 of the most urgent items to gain new insights in. We were very excited to meet Chris Hall (Bynder) and Peter van der Does (Adyen). And there are still more sessions with more amazing experts to come. And a final round: the Connection Day, where we will meet a whole bunch of experts to helps us to the next level.

Our whole team got a tremendous boost from the program, the moderators, the other scale-ups and experts. I can’t wait to share the outcomes of the RISE program. It will put us that much closer to net zero carbon real estate for all.

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