Sustainability as a service

Dennis van der Stoop is Head of Technical Management at listed commercial property investor NSI, responsible for the complete portfolio of around 75 buildings. He and his team work on issues such as increasing sustainability by improving installations and adapting the building envelope.

“We’ve been enhancing the eco-friendliness of our portfolio for years now,” says Van der Stoop enthusiastically. “And now we can give people insight into these activities and present the results to our tenants in a clear way. The hello energy service helps them understand what sustainability actions we are taking and hopefully entices them to also take part. We cannot ultimately achieve our sustainability goals without our tenants and they are an integral part of our ambition.”

Changing client demands

According to Van der Stoop, today’s tenants are mainly focused on comfort and experience. “When the right elements and materials are in place to generate a better working environment, productivity immediately increases. In reality, companies are not looking for an office – they’re searching for a place where employees are as productive, comfortable and efficient as possible. This is increasingly a focal point for us as well.”

The above makes it crucial to listen to changing client demands. “The challenge is to stay ahead of the game,” Van der Stoop continues. “Facilitating goes beyond employing a concierge, caterer and security service. I believe that providing active advice to tenants is the next step. This is why we are providing all our tenants with login portals which provide information on their energy and water consumption, and the amount of waste they produce. We explain what the figures mean and which sustainable measures they can take. This gives them more insight and allows them to adapt their policies.” Data collection has made providing clients with advice much simpler. “It shows that sustainability does not mean less comfort or huge costs. In fact, it makes life easier.”

Flexible offices

Although NSI is not the only player in real estate to be increasing its focus on services, comfort and experience, its flexible office concept Het Nieuwe Kantoor (HNK) was one of the first. NSI has been addressing the growing demand for flexible full-service concepts in the office market with HNK since 2012, providing tenants with whatever they need.

“Space as a service is no longer a niche, it is becoming the standard,” Van der Stoop concludes. “This is already apparent in our 14 HNK locations, and we’ll soon be expanding the concept to more traditional buildings too.”

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