Tenant engagement in real estate

A lessor who wants insight in their building’s usage can use all kinds of applications that use the building’s energy meters to keep up with its usage. Great tools for technical people, but if you’re not familiar with them, they’re dull and hard to understand. What’s more, it’s not just the lessor who’s interested in the consumption. Today’s tenants are increasingly interested in usage and sustainability. The demand for green buildings has risen with 13%, and tenants are willing to pay more for a more sustainable building. And there are more direct benefits: employees are healthier, and the energy bill lowers. Tenant engagement is a hot topic!

Tenant engagement
and hello energy

hello energy connects the tenant’s hunger for information to the lessor’s need: tenant engagement. It’s been a few years since only Silicon Valley campuses had the quirky habit to engage a building’s users by creating attractive nooks and ping pong tables. You can also engage tenants on sustainability. And in the current playing field, hello energy is the only application that connects tenant engagement to energy and sustainability.

Making sustainability fun

The connection between tenant engagement and sustainability is a bit more difficult and abstract than just plopping down a ping pong table in the lobby and calling it a day. But hello energy makes sustainable handling of energy accessible, more positive, and more fun. More accessible by not just providing boring data, but creating insight for the non-technical user, manager, or visitor, so they understand what’s going on with the energy usage. More positive, because we don’t believe in pointing fingers. Nobody’s inspired to be more sustainable if the talk about it is all about guilt and blame. We prefer a positive story, so users are excited to be more sustainable. And we make sustainability more fun, by using fun interactive devices like tablets, combining data on energy usage to a story on the building, and sending animations to the screen. Our unique concept is in its initial phase, and in the future we will present more ways to engage your tenants, using, for example, the gamification of information to help people work playfully on more sustainable energy usage.


This way, everyone benefits from hello energy’s services. Tenants are engaged in an attractive way to both the building and their energy usage, one of the most important themes in today’s society. Lessors gain insight in the usage in a clear and insightful way, and because users feel engaged, they’re stimulated to stay longer, which is a bonus for the lessor. And we haven’t even mentioned the positive impact on the climate!

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