The hybrid service hub: a new service-oriented office

Covid has changed the status quo; we all know that the workplace is about to change. But how will that affect real estate? In this blog, we’ll discuss a key trend from our latest whitepaper, ‘The Office Reimagined’: how to create a hybrid service hub that turns the office into a customer-centric place.

It’s been often said that offices won’t ever be the same again. Working remotely saves both time and carbon emissions, making it a more attractive alternative to a long commute. Our health is a more pressing concern than ever, so we’ve become more demanding of the office space we might slowly return to. We want these to feel safe, healthy and contribute to our well-being. This same shift is visible with tenants, who want to rent more flexibly and put more emphasis on sustainability and optimal operational performance.

hello energy has put together 4 trends and insights from top experts in our latest whitepaper ‘The Office Reimagined’, which is available now. The goal is to inspire the real estate industry to create healthier, safer and greener offices. We’ve spoken with multiple experts, researched the topic at length and gathered all the insights for real estate decision-makers to create the best possible version of an office building in the coming years:

→ 1. Create a hybrid service hub
→ 2. Prove building’s value & performance
→ 3. Optimise your portfolio strategy
→ 4. Push the envelope with PropTech

The first trend describes how real estate companies utilise and design office buildings for maximum impact, now that many will only partially return to their office desks. Should you get or (assigned) desks entirely, go completely without fixed office space or opt for a multi-access across different cities or even countries? And if the location isn’t the only determining factor, how can SPaaS (SPaces as a Service) model benefit you?

Learn from other companies who have successfully turned a challenging time into new opportunities to design the best office buildings. Download our whitepaper here.


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