Using hello energy to understand your energy

hello energy is online software that connects to your building’s data. This way, you can monitor and understand your energy usage. It’s useful, because it helps you save energy (great for your bank account and the environment), meet legislative and demands and helps you make informed decisions.
How do you get the most out of hello energy? Check this page for a short overview of hello energy’s most important features.


Here, you will find a stream of interesting posts on sustainability news, tips, alerts, and important legislative changes. This way, you’re always up to date.


Manage provides clear insight into your energy usage and production. Per 15 minutes, day, week, month, or year. So you can get an overview identifying your quick wins and a thorough analysis based on benchmarks. Export your data for other usage.


Get an alert on stuff you find important. Remarkable changes in usage, newly available data, when an energy contract is about to end. Or nothing at all? Fine as well.


Save helps you… save! 🙂 Here, you’ll find out what you can do to improve your energy performance. We’ll provide solutions for your all your energy questions, whether they’re big or small.


Here, you can look at animations, videos, moving graphics and other cool stuff, based on your data. You’ll find material to activate people. And you’ll be able to show these feeds easily on screens and other devices.
Every quarter, we send an interesting Q-mail to all of hello energy’s users, showing an innovative data visualisation, news, tips, and fun facts.

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