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  • Availability: the data must be available at the latest the next day at 06:00 (local time)
  • Interval time: the data must be available at a fixed interval of 15 minutes
  • Timestamp: the data must be validated and provided with a time signature in UTC (00:00:00 (hh/mm/ss)
  • Time signature: explanation whether the data relates to the period prior to or following the timestamp
  • Unit and factor: the data’s unit and factor should be clear
  • Data type: it should be clear whether the provided data is a readout of the value at a certain point in tme, or the value difference between two consequent timestamps
  • Data format: value with 3 decimals
  • Data validation: the data is checked for validity. The supplier will indicate how this will be realised
  • Data labeling: to make sure the data is recognized correctly, data need to be labeled using a unique ID, consisting of: client, city, building id, source, location, unit (example: Prologis Tilburg DC5 Electricity, hall A, kWh -> “PLTBDC5ELhallAkWh”)

Data sharing

Supplying the data can be done through different channels. We support the below options:


  • using hello energy API to collect data from your side
  • using your API to send data to our endpoint
  • dropping data files (preferably .csv) to our FTP
  • sending emails with data files (in .csv attachments)


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