We’re moving to the cloud

hello energy is scaling up rapidly. Serving over customers worldwide and continuously increasing the features of our products, requires that we keep on our toes and prepare for future capabilities. That’s why we’ve been working on scaling up our development process, as well as moving our infrastructure to the cloud with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Lifting and shifting
The process has already kicked off this January and we’re working on this alongside our current environment. It’s a hassle-free process and our customers won’t notice a thing while we’re improving on our SaaS solution architecture and preparing it for future developments.

Barrie Vince, our Chief Technology Officer says: “Building in the cloud allows us to create fast, scalable and multi-device solutions. We will do this by ‘lifting and shifting’ our current solution. In the near future, it won’t matter if we serve 500 or 5 million buildings, because the AWS platform allows us to expand our capacity very rapidly. It also gives us access to AWS Analytics, which can provide elaborate insights on data, and machine learning capabilities so our services become increasingly smart.”

Involvement of stakeholders crucial to meet sustainability goals
Benno Schwarz, CEO adds: “A net-zero carbon strategy in real estate is impossible without the involvement of all stakeholders. That means that within our solution, especially for customers with a larger real estate portfolio, we need to connect multiple users to our platform, as well as offer connection to multiple devices. Gaining actionable insights will increase alignment and engagement around sustainability goals.”

AWS not only helps us realize international expansion by having datacenters over the world, but their policies also tie in with our sustainable vision. Amazon co-founded The Climate Pledge— a commitment to be net-zero carbon across their business by 2040, 10 years ahead of the Paris Agreement.

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