Proptech ecosystems: symbiosis or confusing labyrinth?

Proptech, using tech to improve real estate, is quickly accelerating as a means to empower and enable your operations and sustainability. Do you need to innovate in the proptech space? And if so, when should you start? Can you effortlessly combine various innovations? Who are the best parties involved to give advice on this? We spoke to proptech experts Wouter Truffino (Holland ConTech & PropTech), Gregory Dewerpe (Founder A/O Proptech) and Adam Schuit (Investor at A/O Proptech) to discuss best practices and answer all your questions.

Proptech ecosystems: symbiosis or confusing labyrinth?


Sanne van Kempen

Table of contents

  • What is proptech?
  • How to find good startups
  • Ecosystems
  • Gatekeepers like VCs
  • How to use startups
  • Phases
  • International operators
  • Tenant-owner relationship
  • What not to do


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