Benchmark ESG performance & earn WELL credits with energy management software

Meet ESG and WELL certification criteria by making your building more sustainable and energy-efficient

Buildings in the EU are responsible for around 40% of energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions. Taking actionable steps to reduce the impact of buildings on the planet is key to the future of sustainability in the real estate industry.

To keep investors and shareholders happy, property owners need to make a concerted effort to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings and earn valuable ESG ratings and WELL certification points to showcase their sustainability achievements.

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What is an ESG rating?

ESG stands for three factors used to evaluate a company or country’s overall sustainability rating based on international benchmarks – Environmental, Social and Governance. Now a leading non-financial rating, ESG was initially strictly financial and related to credit risk but is now used to support companies in their corporate social responsibility behaviour.


Issues relating to the quality and functioning of the natural environment and natural systems, including but not limited to biodiversity loss, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, energy efficiency, and waste management.


Issues relating to the rights, well-being and interests of people and communities, including human rights, labour standards, workplace health and safety, relations with local communities, and consumer protection.


Issues relating to the governance of companies and other investee entities. These include board structure, size, diversity, rights and business ethics – essentially, dealings between a company’s management, its board, its shareholders and its stakeholders.

Why ESG is vital

ESG is becoming increasingly important, with governments and regulatory agencies worldwide prioritising human and social capital as critical focus areas for 2022. While reporting will remain an essential business function, organisations need to adopt a forward-thinking strategy to help them better impact social issues and communicate the importance of sustainability to stakeholders.

What is WELL certification?

The WELL Building Standard (WELL) certification is an indispensable part of a broader ESG strategy dedicated to advancing people’s health and wellbeing in buildings and communities. Designed to help companies assess the full range of social issues surrounding health and wellbeing, it is integral to ESG’s ‘Social’ category.

Put simply, WELL is a performance-based system for measuring, certifying and monitoring building features and how they impact human health and wellbeing through the air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind.

WELL certification is founded on the following principles:

  • Equitable – benefits all types of people
  • Global – provides worldwide solutions
  • Evidence-based – uses the latest science and health research
  • Technically robust – rigorously reviewed by third parties
  • Customer-focused– includes personalised technical support
  • Resilient– evolves over time to fit changing world

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Why WELL certification is important

The industry-standard WELL measurement creates accountability and transparency for employee wellbeing and is vital for doing business in the modern world. A cornerstone of ESG strategy, WELL can help you improve your investment strategy, drive organisational excellence within your team and take your ESG performance to new heights.

Pursuing WELL Certification can earn points on various performance outcomes for your building’s policy, design, and operational strategies. Businesses can achieve Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum levels. An investment into health and happiness, WELL inspires human connection and support, facilitating indoor environments prioritising wellness and comfort.

Showcase your commitment to sustainable real estate with GRESB & WELL

WELL is an essential tool on the path to achieving GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark), a world-leading ESG benchmark for international real estate and infrastructure investments worldwide. It empowers investors to make greener decisions leading to a more sustainable real estate industry. Together, WELL and GRESB credits demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and social well being.

How to start earning GRESB & WELL credits

Make a start on reducing energy consumption in buildings and proving your commitment to the community and the planet with Hello Energy’s simple and effective energy management system. Transform your building into a sustainable, energy-efficient haven with our cutting-edge software and sensors that help identify and resolve wasted energy issues. We’ll work with you to create unique, environmentally-friendly solutions tailored to your building’s unique needs.  

Harness the power of raw data in real-time

The raw data from a network of sensors is collated and displayed on screens in a user-friendly visual format in real time to illustrate energy consumption on a granular level. Use the data to compare your indoor climate and energy consumption to industry benchmarks and communicate your sustainability progress to stakeholders, tenants and investors.    

The one-stop energy management software

Our three-tier turnkey energy management software solution combines benchmarking and monitoring in a comprehensive yet simple format.  

Access near real-time data from utilities

Leverage the limitless power of data through access to near real-time data from utilities. This allows you to monitor your energy usage properly, so you know how to reduce energy consumption, start benchmarking and make huge savings.  

Indoor climate sensors package

Meet WELL criteria for health and well-being, by creating a healthy building with an optimal indoor climate, improving your commercial building’s energy efficiency and ensuring ultimate comfort and wellness for your tenants.

Screen service solution

Share and communicate your environmental efforts and sustainability achievements to shareholders, tenants and investors with our innovative screen service solution providing screens, media players and more.

Partner with hello energy to transform your property

Hello Energy’s industry-leading software services will:


  • Support your organisation in the development of an ESG strategy tailored to your unique operational needs
  • Establish an effective ESG strategy to embed sustainability in every aspect of your building, from operations to workforce
  • Create long-term sustainability objectives to monitor and improve across your organisation
  • Identify any current and future risks to your organisation, and create personalised solutions
  • Assess your current ESG strategy to identify areas for improvement
  • Independently verify all data reported to stakeholders
  • Advise on the correct implementation of ISO management systems
  • Assist with all mandatory reporting requirements
  • Train all staff on the importance of ESG


Start earning WELL & ESG certification credits