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Google HQ | London, UK

Going carbon neutral since 2007, Google continues to advance sustainability with its zero carbon HQ in the UK! 🇬🇧

6 Pancras Square is Google’s headquarters located in London, situated between the Kings Cross and St. Pancras stations – a 34,467 square meter building that hosts roughly 2,800 employees. It’s also achieved a Zero Carbon Certification from the International Living Future Institute – but how?

The building incorporates passive design features, highly efficient building services and a low carbon energy supply. It also produces overall savings of 2,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions. That’s enough carbon to power 900 return flights from London to Hong Kong! 🛫

6 Pancras Square also minimised waste during construction by using building information modelling to aid with efficient planning while producing high recycling rates. The offices are furthermore flooded with natural daylight to reduce use of electric lighting – with great London views included!

Great work! 

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