How to make your sustainable commercial buildings profitable

Implement energy efficient solutions to transform your commercial building into a sustainable and profitable property.

Ready, set, go! Start preparing now to meet the EU’s 2030 climate change policy and attract future investors. Climate initiatives are targeting a 40% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and a 27% increase in energy efficiency. Are you ready to transform your commercial building into a sustainable and more profitable commercial entity with long-term investor value?

Start making sustainability profitable

Sustainable commercial buildings are more profitable

The latest research by CBRE and BCSC reveals that investing in sustainable features could increase the market value of UK shopping centres by up to five per cent by implementing commercial building energy efficiency strategies such as LED lighting, voltage optimisation, ventilation and air conditioning units. Using renewable energy sources is also key to building a greener future for all and enhancing your commercial property’s value.

Earn GRESB credits for your sustainable commercial building commitment

Founded in 2009, GRESB produces internationally recognised benchmarks to effectively track environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance.

Investors are increasingly hunting for ESG data to assess new investment opportunities, so scoring highly on GRESB is critical to remaining competitive in a rapidly evolving green industry and adds significant value to your commercial building.

Earn GRESB credits by implementing energy saving benchmarking, monitoring and actionable insights with Hello Energy’s energy management solutions.

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Putting a plan in place

Following a process will ensure that the changes you talk about with your tenants are taken up by everyone involved.

Plan and prepare

Start with benchmarking and analysing your energy usage so you can see where you are. PArtnering with hello energy will help you to benchmark your building portfolio performance to industry standards.


To implement changes and improve your energy efficiency you might switch energy providers, add triple glazing, or switch to renewable energy. Our hello energy team will help you and your tenants with sustainability policies to encourage collaboration to improve the building’s sustainability.

Review and improve

Regularly monitor and review and make changes to improve your building performance. Use hello energy’s energy management software to get actionable data insights based on your building’s performance, so you can always analyse and improve.

Four steps to net-zero success

In alignment with the 2015 Paris Agreement, real estate needs to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050. According to GRESB, retail or commercial buildings are the largest energy consumers in the UK’s property industry, with the 40 largest shopping centres consuming £40 million worth of energy annually.

To be on track to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, real estate companies need to take actionable steps to maintain sustainable commercial buildings in line with the climate change policy targets. Here is a simple, four-step process you can use to start reducing your building’s carbon footprint and boosting its investment value.

Step 1. Analyse energy consumption

How can you make sustainable improvements to your commercial real estate and infrastructural building without knowing the facts and stats? Hello Energy allows even the biggest technophobes to harness the limitless power of data. With 100% data coverage for your most important assets – energy, water and waste – you can analyse your current performance, using real-time data to determine where you’re doing well and where you need to improve on your journey net zero.


Step 2. Compare industry benchmarks

Hello Energy’s cutting-edge data services allow you to monitor your commercial building’s progress against similar properties, making it easy to establish areas of improvement while also analysing the competitive market. Through direct comparison, it is easier to take actionable steps to ensure your commercial building remains competitive and earns valuable GRESB credits.


Step 3. Implement data-driven solutions

We provide data-driven insights into the performance and specifics of your building, measuring your commercial property’s energy usage plus temperature, C02 and humidity levels so that you can maintain the perfect balance between comfort, costs and sustainability. We’ll help you decide which green technology to invest in for optimum profit and sustainability with a wealth of energy-saving strategies based on your commercial building’s unique needs.


Step 4. Monitor and showcase your achievements

Share your progress towards net-zero sustainability for your commercial building with stakeholders and investors. Hello Energy allows real estate owners to create and share sustainability performance reports for their buildings, helping you report progress, showcase your commitment to protecting the environment and reach ESG goals towards GRESB, WELL and BREEAM certification.

Profit from your net zero commercial buildings

Green is the future, that is clear. So, get the most out of your commercial buildings with energy-efficient investments that reduce unnecessary energy and material waste, placing your property firmly on the road to sustainable profitability. With Hello Energy’s leading building energy management software, real estate owners can create and maintain energy-positive buildings, stand out from the competition and add significant value to their property portfolio.

Five key benefits of sustainable commercial buildings using energy management solutions

Attract quality tenants and business partners

Impress tenants and business partners with proof of your continual commitment to sustainability through energy-efficient investments and eco-friendly management practices.

Improve investor value

Today’s real estate investors are placing increasing importance on developers supporting green initiatives and taking the necessary steps toward achieving the EU’s climate change policy targets and the Paris Agreement’s net-zero carbon emission by 2050. Investing in green technology and energy management software proves your commitment to the planet while adding long-term value to developing sustainable commercial buildings.

Earn building certification credits

Implementing sustainable solutions in commercial buildings can earn GRESB credits and play a significant role in attracting stakeholders and boosting the property’s value. Use data-driven performance statistics and benchmarking to improve your commercial building’s energy efficiency and position yourself at the forefront of the green building movement.

Boost building’s performance

Run your real estate properties more efficiently and cost-effectively with data-driven insights and actionable solutions.

Publish and display sustainable data

Share your dedication to sustainability and spearhead the green building industry by displaying eco-friendly real estate achievements to all tenants and building visitors with Hello Energy’s cutting-edge playlist functionality and user-friendly portal. Because sharing your environmental efforts is the key to inspiring worldwide change.