Improve your BREEAM score & show it off with hello energy!

Would you like to make your building more sustainable? How nice would it be to score higher during your BREEAM assessment? hello energy is here to help you achieve those goals. We collect, analyse and visualise your energy data. This way, you gain valuable insight into your energy usage. And we make it easy to share those sustainable achievements with the users of your building.

What is BREEAM?


BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) is the world’s oldest sustainability certification. It is a great tool to assess a building’s influence on the world around it. BREEAM is used in more than 50 countries in the world.

What is hello energy?


What is the return on our investments? How do we communicate with our visitors and users? How do we, as a collective, make sure that our building’s energy usage decreases? How do we activate tenants, employees, and visitors to help achieve this goal?


We notice companies are looking for answers that combine all these questions. hello energy helps companies put their sustainable investments in the limelight. We tell a story about the energy and sustainability data of the building. We use visualizations that anyone can understand, and which nudge people to behave more sustainably. This way, your investments aren’t only sustainable, they are impactful.

 BREEAM & hello energy


BREEAM and hello energy agree that communicating and activating visitors and users of a building makes all the difference. We have been working on BREEAM projects for years, with organisations like Prologis, Hercuton, Syntrus Achmea, Bouwinvest and IMPACT. They are already aware of our positive influence on a BREEAM assessment. Are you next?


Using hello energy, your building scores higher in a BREEAM assessment. Because we tell the sustainable story of your building and provide insight into your energy usage (credit MAN009) and because we show dynamic travel information (credit TRA007).



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