Spread inspiring sustainability content everywhere

Harness the power of our playlist functionality and portal to share inspiring sustainability content with all your tenants and visitors. With hello energy, you effortlessly distribute captivating videos, images, and messages on TV screens, strategically around your building. 

Customise your display with dashboard functionality

hello energy offers a unique dashboard functionality that allows you to divide your screen content into multiple compartments. Showcase a variety of sustainability-related information simultaneously like energy consumption data, achievements, upcoming initiatives and more.  
Tailor the display to suit your specific needs and branding with our touch application or smart wall options. Make it truly your own with personalised corporate identity integration.

Responsive layout for web, mobile and mail

Access hello energy from any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone. Our platform features a responsive layout that seamlessly adapts to your screen size, ensuring an optimal viewing experience. Stay connected and engaged with your sustainability progress on the go. 

Create beautiful playlists and start conversations

Craft visually stunning playlists showcasing your sustainability progress and initiatives. Inspire and educate your tenants and visitors with thought-provoking content that motivates action. Spark meaningful conversations, foster a sense of community and drive positive change together. 

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