Learning never stops for developers – Interview Medhavini

At hello energy, our product’s success relies on the skills of software developers. Not only does it require technical skills, but it also involves collaboration. Medhavini speaks many programming languages, is a true team player and problem-solver.

Even if you have no technical knowledge, you could simply say a software product usually consists of three layers: the top layers is that which you see (the front end), the middle part is the technical part to need to make to work (back end) and the bottom part stores the data that feeds the solution (the database).

On a day-to-day basis, Medhavini’s work consists of designing, testing and developing software on the backend. What that boils down to is that she writes a lot of code, monitors the performance of software programs and also analyses any future needs of our customers. With those technical skills, she and her team are working on building the best possible software solution there can be.

After her masters, Medhavini initially used C and .Net as programming languages, but quickly realised she wanted to learn much more and also mastered Python.

“Mastering different programming languages and having a vast knowledge of software frameworks is hugely beneficial, next to an aptitude for math and technical knowledge. In software and tech, most languages have pros and cons. Some may become obsolete over time. Companies might prefer certain ones and team members do not always know them all. As a software developer, you never stop learning.”

Medhavini Kulshreshtha
Software developer

Medhavini bridges her knowledge with those of others in the team since software development is always a collective effort. The team, most of which have only recently joined, are working on designing an agile workflow to optimize their collaboration.

“With software development, you need to go really deep. Creating, testing and developing requires that you accurately describe your logic, workflow and meticulously report your findings to others. You also need to play well with others, such as our product owners, customer success managers or UX designers.”

With our team slowly expanding, it’s nice to see that each member with a different cultural background brings new ideas to the table. Quite literally, if it were up to Medhavini.

“In India, each person would bring different dishes to the table, and we have a nice shared lunch together. I’m hoping we can have a similar experience here with our multicultural team.”

Not a bad idea at all, Medhavini!

Want to join our team? We are looking for a Head of Customer Succes.

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