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BNP Paribas HQ | Rome, Italy

No, it’s not a mirage – this building’s innovative appearance continuously evolves in response to its surroundings, catching the reflections of the sky and city lights 🌆

Completed in 2016 and located by Rome’s Tiburtina Railway Station, the BNL-BNP Paribas HQ hosts over 3,000 workstations, an auditorium, garage, restaurant, gym, training centre, nursery and a terrace with panoramic views. 

Certified as class A and LEED Gold 🏆 the building’s commitment to environmental sustainability is also reflected in its reduced energy consumption compared to traditional buildings. BNL-BNP Paribas HQ was additionally recognised with “The Plan 2016” award for the best property development for office use, in competition with 500 other projects globally. 

The beauty of the structure is nicely summarised by Alfonso Femia, Founder Partner, President and CEO at Ateliers Alfonso Femia (formerly 5+1AA):

“With its dynamic, reflective colours, the glass in the building seeks its own dialogue with its surroundings and with the lights of Rome. Night or day, the glass provides unique, ever-changing light reflections, colours and transparencies.”

Making Rome ever more beautiful!

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