hello energy supplier code of conduct

The hello energy supplier code of conduct is created for the purpose of ensuring that our suppliers adhere to high standards of craftmanship and safe working conditions, fair and respectful treatment of employees, and ethical practices.

By supplying products and service to hello energy, suppliers declare to meets the following standards.

Version 1.0 – March 2022


To have the required local and where necessary international certifications, which belong to the field in which they operate. Like ISO 45001, VCA, NEN 3140

Labor practice and standards

Comply with child labor laws, anti-discrimination practices, health and safety standards, working conditions, working hours, compensation, right to association and freely chosen employment.

Environmental policy

Take into account product and material use, as well as transportation technology.

Thrive to minimalise your carbon impact on the world. Comply with ISO 14001.


Have components in place to establish anti-corruption measures, while also adhering to fair business practices and managing partner relationships (e.g. upstream in the supply chain).

Positive dialogue

Intend to always try and create positive dialogue with Hello Energy and its partners.

Review and documentation

To have outlines in place on documenting delivered products and services and how the components are monitored and reviewed.