Inspire sustainable behaviour with green challenges

Looking to boost sustainable behaviour among your building users? Our monthly challenges bring people together for a greener building. 

One sustainability challenge for each month

From 99 Plastic Problems to What a Waste, each month we explore a unique topic for you and your building users to tackle. Get your daily tips, fun facts and in-depth articles via the online hello energy portal – and share your own tips too! 
One sustainability topic each month

Winning is better when it’s done together

Score unique credits for sustainability engagement on certifications like BREEAM, GRESB, WELL and more while boosting tenant and employee satisfaction. It’s truly a win-win-win!

Create a happy community around sustainability

Investors want it. Tenants demand it. Employees aspire to work at a company that cares about the environment. Take the initiative and get everyone to buy into sustainability in a fun, rewarding way. 

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