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The Braunstein Taphouse | Koege, Denmark

Stopping by Denmark anytime soon? Have yourself a cold one at one of the world’s most unique and sustainable taphouses! 🍻

Designed by ADEPT, The Braunstein Taphouse is located in the coastal city of Køge and is set to welcome over 15,000 visitors every year. The structure rests on a stretch of a municipality-owned harbour quay considered to be an important part of the city’s climate adaption strategy.

Braunstein is ‘designed for disassembly’ – that is, if the building cannot remain, the building materials can be almost fully recycled by re-completing the whole structure at a new location or by using the materials for other purposes. But that’s not all:

🪵 The roof is made from click-joint polycarbonate, while the wooden facades are built out of CO2-neutral accoya that is certified Cradle2Cradle Gold, FSC and the Danish eco-label Svanemaerket.

☀️ Braunstein is also partly self-sufficient by generating electricity from solar panels, while also providing natural ventilation that minimises the need for mechanical ventilation.

“It’s really about rethinking how we build and rethinking how we use materials and products,” ADEPT founder Anders Lonka says. “I think this is the new way of doing things, hopefully not only for us.”

Couldn’t agree more! 🙌 Great work

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