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NUS School of Design & Environment – SDE4 | Singapore,

What better way to learn what net-zero energy means than doing so in a net-zero energy building? 🌱

Located near the southern coastline of Singapore, the NUS School of Design & Environment 4 is the first new-build net-zero energy building in Singapore. This climate-responsive building features over 1,500 square meters of design studio space, a 500 square-meter open plaza, diverse public and social spaces, workshops and research centres – as well as a cafe and library 🤓

That’s not all! A large overhanging roof hosts over 1200 photovoltaic panels to collect solar energy and meet the energy demands of the building ☀️ SDE4 also exceeds standards of health and wellbeing via an innovative hybrid cooling system that provides rooms with 100% fresh pre-cooled air, creating a comfortable condition in a highly energy-efficient system. Furthermore, the building has strong biophilic elements, supported by a surrounding landscape – designed as a natural purification system – that improves water quality while encouraging lifestyle activities and teaching around water 💧

“The main story of SDE4 is how we progress to net zero through design. During this process, the building has demystified the general perception of spatial quality, comfort, and cost for sustainable buildings. SDE4 changes the argument that green buildings cost more, as it has limited or no extra cost compared to similar, industry-standard models.” – Giovanni Cossu, Associate Director at the School of Design and Environment.

Outstanding work!

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