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We understand that you might have questions about sharing data, so we’ve put some FAQs together. Any other questions? Please contact us here:

We’ve been commissioned by the owner of the real estate that you are leasing the building from. They have high sustainability ambitions and insight in how the building is performing is key. Usually, they’ve sent an introduction email about hello energy. If not, don’t hesitate to reach out.



We’re talking about electricity, gas, heat, and water consumption.

The utility data is needed to analyse the building’s performance and find new ways for energy savings. For the owner of the building, the data is also used to meet certification requirements on sustainable assets.

The end goal is to help you improve your building’s performance. With your authorisation, hello energy retrieves the data from your metering company and shows the consumption in our online tool. Both you and the owner of the building will have access to hello energy.


The data we retrieve from your metering company is transported and stored in a secure way. Access to the data is only possible for users with a login and password. Two-factor authorisation can be requested. Only the super admin of the owner and the tenant are allowed to add new users. Read our privacy statement, in which we describe our data handling as GDRP proof.


No. There will be not any interference with your IT-systems. The data we collect through your metering company or grid provider, goes directly from this third party to the hello energy database. In cases where your meters aren’t smart, like gas, heat or water, we might need to put a GSM router with SIM card in place. So in these cases, we also don’t interfere with your IT.


This is up to you. Usually, it is an operational or technical manager. It is the same person who is authorised for signing the energy contracts or metering contracts.

Together with you, we want to make buildings smarter and play a huge role in making the planet a greener place! 🙂 Read more about hello energy here.

About hello energy

Hi, we are hello energy 😀 hello energy is smart software to make buildings more sustainable. With daily insights into energy consumption, we can help you boost the performance of your building and create net-zero real estate in all of Europe.

The benefits of hello energy

Sustainability is a hot topic right now and everyone would like to make your building smarter. hello energy helps:

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