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One Angel Square | Manchester, UK

Some have compared it to a sliced egg. Others to a ship. However it appears to you, this building has set the tone for the whole industry 👀

NOMA – an £800 million, 20-acre mixed-use redevelopment scheme in Manchester and the largest development project in North West England – is home to some of the most eco-friendly projects in the UK. We throw it back to the building that got the sustainability vision all started 🌿

One Angel Square continues to be one of the most sustainable office buildings in the world. Located in Manchester, UK, and designed by 3DReid Ltd for The Co-operative Group, it is the first UK building to have achieved the BREEAM Official Outstanding (95.32%) rating 🏆 and was also awarded an A+ Energy Performance Certificate. 

OAS has a double-skinned facade and open atrium that provide natural lighting, heating and cooling, as well as a CHP (combined heat and power) plant generating the building’s own source of heat and power. What else?

🚰 Greywater and rainwater recycling systems for toilet flushing and irrigation

🔥 Heat recovery from the IT systems that also heat the building

💡 Low-energy LED lighting system and IT equipment

🛗 High-efficiency passenger and service lifts

Still an immense achievement!

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